Mr. Charlie Georgia Film Crew (3)

Shout Out/Team Intro 3: Lewis Primo, my fiancé, videographer and sound engineer on our first shoot about Mr. Charlie 30+ years ago in South Georgia and Tallahassee, Florida. Photos: Lewis setting up and lugging the equipment around Mr. Charlie’s forest, their mutual admiration, Lewis filming on the sailboat Mr. Charlie shared with Mr. Mel Tucker, Tallahassee Chief of Police.

Lewis, what an act of true love! Borrowing this rig from professionals in France, training yourself to pilot it, hand-carrying it to Georgia via JFK NY, filming every day for a week to immortalize Mr. Charlie’s exploits: planting a million trees and bequeathing a thousand acres to the UGA Foundation in perpetuity. Thank you for helping me find the best flights, accommodations and car rentals for August NY- Athens-Atlanta-NY and all your tech advice! Without you we would not be able to preserve his legacy or share his persona and story… A family affair! Thank you! Love!

Originally published at on September 29, 2022.



I’ve had several lives since coming to France: grad student, singer songwriter, writer and filmmaker, marriage and mothering….

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