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Aliss Valerie Terrell
3 min readOct 11, 2022

One of the unforeseen marvels of my Mr. Charlie film adventure is discovering passionate, generous activists and artists devoting their lives to protecting people and the natural world. Dayna Reggero is one of these heroes.

My networking via MIT and the Dogwood Alliance led me to Dayna last January when I was looking for a videographer to film with me in Athens, GA in August. We transatlantic zoomed about Mr. Charlie and she wisely put me in touch with Kyle at Madlaw Media (see previous updates).

For an immediate uplift, check out Dayna’s credentials and award-winning work:

At 19, she appeared with animals to talk about our shared environment on television.

She partnered with Discovery Communications on her first film tour and then collaborated with the Sierra Club on the Emmy award-winning series Years of Living Dangerously.

She went on to study science communications, received her Bachelor of Arts and earned her Master of Science degree in environmental management and policy.

Some of her films:

A short documentary, The Wood Thrush Connection following birders across borders, all connected by a common goal, to protect a beloved songbird.

The Climate Listening Project, an ongoing documentary series:

The Story We Want about women throughout the United States fighting back and winning against a culture of pollution and extraction.

Planet Prescription about COVID-19 stress on our health professionals and minorities, already struggling with the crisis in our health care system, with an additional air pollution and climate change pandemic sweeping the planet. “We know the prescription to heal, we just have to listen before it’s too late.” See all at:

She’s currently filming grass-roots climate justice groups standing between the Gulf Coast and its sacrifice to fossil fuel interests.

Woman’s Day Magazine showcased Dayna as an “Earth Mother: an Artist Activist who isn’t just fighting for cleaner air and water, but protecting a community’s most precious resources — its people.” wrotes: “By trade, Dayna Reggero is an environmentalist. Her work ranges from filmmaking to… spokesperson. However, her most skilled work might come in the form of organizing conversations, or simply starting them. Dayna works locally to help protect the place and people at home while traveling the world to listen.”


A whole chapter about Dayna in Mallory McDuff ‘s new book on women working toward a viable future:

Love Your Mother: 50 States, 50 Stories, and 50 Women United for Climate Justice. Available now via preorder:

‘These women are poets, physicians, climate scientists, students, farmers, writers, documentary filmmakers, and more-one from each of the fifty US states-as inspiration for a new kind of leadership focused on the heart of the climate crisis.’


Parting shot:

And in case you missed it: Saving Mr. Charlie’s Trees

Me and Mr. C.

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