Mr. Charlie Healing the Land

Aliss Valerie Terrell
1 min readOct 25, 2022

Hello friends and family,

I’m immersed in designing the film trailer. The images have a life of their own, I follow.

Challenge: tell the story visually in less than 2 minutes, spark interest, touch emotions, entertain. I hope to be able to show you soon. Amazing number of details. Reaching for focus and inspiration.

I demoed the first part and am now working with the editor. Thank you all for your donations, they will allow me to pay him.

Meanwhile here’s another short visit to Mr. Charlie’s world: healing the devastated land he later bequeathed to the University of Georgia.

So grateful to have captured all this on film. I love his voice, the way his mind works, his total osmosis with the place, a witness to history. Let me know what you think if you have a moment. More profiles of people and storytelling coming.

For more information:

Saving Mr. Charlie’s Trees

Thank you!

To be continued!

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